Dental implants give self-confidence back to patients who are missing teeth. Our staff is committed to restoring smiles and improving lives.

Single Tooth Implant

Implant Single Crowns can be securely attached to an implant to replace front and back missing teeth. Front single implant crown are some of the most challenging and technique sensitive procedures due to the high demand on esthetics. Restoring the shape of papilla, “gum,” to a natural way, in many instances, is impossible.

Implant Fixed Bridges

Fixed Partial Dentures can be securely attached to two or three implants. This is a good option of treatment when multiple teeth are missing. This treatment can provide great esthetics. In addition, it reduces the number of implants required to restore an edentulous area.

Implant Overdentures

Dental implants are used to securely enhance the retention, stability and support of a complete denture. People often refer to this as the “snap-on” dentures. A unique advantage of this prosthesis, as compared with an implant fixed complete denture, is that the overdentures can replace soft tissue lost by designing “pink” flanges that will provide proper lip support and seal with gum.

Implant Partial Denture Overdenture

Implant Partial Denture Overdenture – Some patients who wear regular partial dentures feel discomfort or pain when the denture puts pressure on the area that does not have teeth. Placing dental implants securely enhance the retention, stability and support the partial dentures. These are referred as “snap-on” partial dentures. Call now Dr. Paredes’ office for a consultation.

Implant Fixed Complete Dentures

Implant Fixed Complete Dentures – permits a complete arch prosthesis to be securely attached to multiple implants so that it cannot be removed by the patient. The prosthesis can be fabricated using different designs and materials, including: a metal framework that retains denture base resin and prosthetic teeth, a metal-ceramic design or two-pieces superstructure.